Reading List - Books

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Reading List - Articles

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Movie List

Caracas – The Informal City (Submarine, VPRO, dir. Rob Schröder, 49 min, NL 2007)

Hope in a Mega City – The Brazilian Model Curitiba (BLBP, dir. Andreas Weiß, 29 min, Germany 1995).
[Not Available in the UK]

La Haine (Studio Canal, dir. Mathieu Kassovitz, 93 min, France 1995).

London (BFI, dir. Patrick Keiller, 82 min, UK 1993).

Metropolis (UFA, dir. Fritz Lang, Berlin 1927).

Robinson in Space (BFI, dir. Patrick Keiller, 78 min, UK 1997).

Symphonie einer Großstadt – Symphony of a Großstadt (60 min, Berlin 1920).

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